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White Lady is a Mind’s Eye Super 8mm student film that was made at Fresno City College in 1989 with music by Bad Brains. Directed/Produced by MJ Mopera. Featuring MJ Mopera, Denise Tuttle, Gero Testa. Enjoy the early years of Mind trippin’. #Peace-0-Fiction

$20.01: A Pizza-N-Beer Odessey is a Super 8mm student film that was made at Fresno City College in 1990 with music by Abigail Mead, Alex North, Adrenalin O.D., 213. Scream by DJ Filipe Sheepwolf. Directed/Produced by MJ Mopera. Assistant Produced by Karen Fish, Darrick Priest. Assistant Edited by Karen Fish. Featuring Darrick Priest, Gero Testa, MJ Mopera. Pinhead/HellRaiser II images: FOX/FOXA #Peace-O-Fiction

Guinea Pigs is a 16mm student film that was made at California State University, Northridge in 1995 with music by Bobby Ramirez & Rich Ragsdale. Featuring Alice McKenzie, John Hall, Dan Stone, Dan Anagones, Angela Juhl. Directed by MJ Mopera & Capella A. Espinoza. Written & Produced by Erik Rogers. Director of Photography, Naotaka Oigawa. Edited by Darin Barnes, MJ Mopera, Capella A. Espinosa. Cover Art by Jobie Decolongon.

Apocalypse of the Blind Hustling Rasta Skate Samurai From the Valley is a short film made in 2000. Improvised by and Starring: Dan Anagnos, Jody Bardin, Kalimba Bennett, Danielle Bisutti, Justin Bowler, Tom Conroy, Greg Crooks, Debra Fan, Bonnie Gillespie, Jonathan Gotsick, Etana Jacobson, C. LeGault, Niki Magarity, Leni Mandell, Ron Mohl, Chad Tillner. With Bret Nelson & Paul Comilang. Concept/Story by MJ Mopera. Produced & Directed by MJ Mopera. Additional Camera Work: Bo Mopera. Feature-length behind the scenes footage, otherwise known as 2 Lungs & A Liver of Darkness, is currently in a crate, buried somewhere in a warehouse in area 51…

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