The Strategy for e*trade pro platform

The Strategy will fluctuate as the market fluctuates, therefore The Strategy will consist of different PARTS to cope with fluctuating levels of confidence in the market. Each part of The Strategy will also carry a certain level of risk. 


PART 1 of The Strategy is dubbed “The Instant Swing Trade.” The Instant Swing Trade carries a moderate to high level of risk and corresponds to a moderate to high level of confidence in the market. The Instant Swing Trade makes it possible to search for a stock and execute a buy and sell for a 3% gain all within as little as 1 minute. It must be timed perfectly so it requires some time to practice. PART 1 can be found in the PDF embed immediately below. 


PART 2 of The Strategy is dubbed “The Instant Accelerator Trade.” As PART 2 shares many elements of PART 1, it follows PART 1 in the PDF embed immediately below. PARTS 1 & 2 share the same level of risk and market confidence and both require practice. 




PART 6 is a culmination of the previous parts and should have the utmost consideration after taking all other parts into account.

PART 7 is a follow-up to PART 6.



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6.25% GAIN
NOTE: Example of price volatility/fluctuation.


6.83% GAIN
NOTE: Step-by-step audio instructions.


3.06% GAIN
NOTE: Step-by-step audio instructions




PART 3: “The N/V-tail Trade”


(carries a moderate to high level of risk and corresponds to a

moderate to high level of confidence in the market)


THE STRATEGY in a nutshell:

look for N/V-tail chart with rapid price movement (usually high volume) combination

the above charts show the crosshair as referenced in the spreadsheet notes. the crosshair is the axis point between price and time. all four charts show the crosshair price at 3.28 taking place at 9:47 am. the crosshair is determined when an “N/V-tail” is about to form (chart A) with the crosshair placed at the first peak of the “N/V-tail”. chart B shows the very end of the tail about to re-peak @ 3.28. at this point be ready to buy. execute buy as soon as the price goes over the crosshair price (chart C). chart D shows a gain of 4.52% over buy price (chart C). to be safe, place a limit at 3%. the exception to the 3% limit is if the price jumps above on its own. notice the high volume. a high volume (rapid price movement) is a better indicator that a 3% gain will be reached.

Before opening bell go to NASDAQ / NYSE most active and make a watchlist of anything between $1.00 and $12 with a positive change %… first hour of opening bell is prime time to execute crosshair / N/V-tail trade for 3% gain from anything in watchlist that has a forming N/V-tail and jumps above crosshair 



PART 4: “The 5 Day Chart Swing Trade”


this is a variation of the instant swing trade and carries anywhere from a low to high level of risk but requires little to no practice. PART 4 corresponds to any confidence level in the market but require a little more research than PARTS 1, 2 & 3.

(SWING frequency can be measured in days… hours… minutes… seconds…

a long first wave may mean a short second wave…. and vice versa)

keep a watch list of at least 10 swing stocks priced between $1 and $15. one way to search swing stocks is to weed through market movers (%gainers/losers/most active) for stocks that consistently fluctuate/swing at least 10% on a 5 day chart.


customize view of watch list for current price/change %/day low.


at opening bell look for stock on watch list whose change% is in the red and most negative, is closest to day low and starting to head back up, and has a corresponding chart on the low end of a swing/fluctuation. buy that stock as soon as you find it after opening bell and sell when it goes up 3%.


with a watch list of 10 swing stocks you should hopefully be able to have a 3% gain on at least one stock on any given day. 



PART 5: “Swinging Tail Trade”


Combine the 5 day chart swing trade with the 5 day chart N/V-tail trade for less risky, more predictable results. 





PART 6: “10%+ gain Reverberation Trade”



FIRST HOUR-OPENING BELL / repeating peak from overnight.

—check all gainers with a decent % and volume for the pattern (does not need to be the highest % / volume… chart pattern is more important) 

—should start at low end of a swing pattern at opening bell 


An overnight breaking hot stock (decent gain and volume) which will usually peak and die down overnight… could have at least one repeat peak after opening as a reverberation IF it has enough momentum behind it… but more important than momentum is the peak pattern from overnight and low starting point at opening bell… something swing pattern day traders are looking for early on where the first hour has the most and fastest potential for gain. 

This is a relatively low risk strategy… assuming that the buy is executed at the low end of a short swing pattern with the final peak occurring after opening bell and ending the swing pattern.  

Research time is minimal with market gainers exhibiting the swing pattern being quickly searched for just prior to and right after opening bell. 


Compare YVR to SELB… on one hand, both had similar % and volume… on the other hand, YVR had two similar/repeating peaks that came after midnight, making a third peak AT OPEN less likely, while SELB had one peak that came just before midnight which set up a second peak at open… YVR sat around $2.00 at open while SELB started over a dollar higher… SELB is also a bio stock which, all-in-all, made it the perfect storm for a high peak after open. YVR had a similar pre-open pattern to the TGC chart above… the difference is that TGC had a price / % / volume trifecta that YVR did not have… if an opening trade does so happen to occur under the YVR situation then a STOP LOSS SHOULD BE THE FAILURE TO LAUNCH RIGHT AFTER BUY AND TRY AGAIN ANOTHER DAY… especially given the fact there is no gap between a second and third possible peak that is demonstrated in most other charts shown except, of course, TGC… the exception that had momentum behind it with a 300% peak… in which case… pattern-price-%-volume combined make for the best indicator… as is the case with the EVK chart… and to a lesser extent… CLPS with the lesser but still healthy % and healthy price.





PART 7: “AFTER HOURS Progressive Chart Trade”

Compile a list of after-hours gainers listed between $1 and $15: 


Prior to open check the list for stock(s) with a progressing overnight chart.  


CYH (NYSE) was the only stock from the AFTER HOURS watchlist that was progressing after its initial vertical surge as noted by the yellow lines. This stock would have otherwise gone unnoticed / been off the e-trade mobile app radar until after open and during its opening surge instead of being checked before open since gainers are not shown until after open in the app unless it’s a most active in NASDAQ… of which CYH was neither. 


This is a good heads-up strategy to catch potentials earlier with some research occurring the night before and a quick follow-up prior to open. 




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