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White Lady is a Mind’s Eye Super 8mm student film that was made at Fresno City College in 1989 with music by Bad Brains. Directed/Produced by MJ Mopera. Featuring MJ Mopera, Denise Tuttle, Gero Testa. Enjoy the early years of Mind trippin’.

Guinea Pigs is a 16mm student film that was made at California State University, Northridge in 1995 with music by Bobby Ramirez & Rich Ragsdale. Featuring Alice McKenzie, John Hall, Dan Stone, Dan Anagones, Angela Juhl. Directed by MJ Mopera & Capella A. Espinoza. Written & Produced by Erik Rogers. Director of Photography, Naotaka Oigawa. Edited by Darin Barnes, MJ Mopera, Capella A. Espinosa. Cover Art by Jobie Decolongon.

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