“What the hell were you thinking?!!!”

Has that ever happened to you? 

Has anybody ever asked you that? 

Well, no more… at least for this mind. 

To save people the trouble of what I/eye/aye laddie was thinking… I present… The Mind

Now stop asking. 

There’s an OPEN PORTAL that your disposal. 

And then there’s the SUBSCRIBER PORTAL (hence the FireWall)… because “some things are best kept secret…” (at least until you shell out the price of one month of Mocha Frappuccinos just to get your BUZZ on… maybe even less than that… to last you a whole month). 

For less than the price of one month of Mocha Frappuccinos you can: 

–have access to The Mind’s daily routine of “Buffeting” the stock market for a whole month (seriously… I have no idea what that really means… so you should probably just check it out in SUBSCRIBER PORTAL). 


–link freely to The Mind’s 42,000-word novel, BUZZism: Beyond starring… The Mind… for a whole month… a whole year… or forever… or however long you plan to keep your Kindle account. If you can navigate your way through “Beyond”… then you are truly beyond reproach (I have no idea what that means either… so you should probably just check it out… also in paperback).  

–have access to other reprehensible content… just check out UPDATES every once in a while. 

Thank you in advance for being a Subscriber… and if not… The Mind’s “other” portal is still open where… perhaps… there may one day be sponsorship from Pepto Bismol… or maybe just prune juice

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