Most Day Traders… if not all… require an elaborate setup of multiple monitors in order to view loads of sophisticated trading software programs they have running.  

Just Google “DAY TRADING” and look at all the images. 

Or do a Youtube search… you’ll probably get the same result. 

That’s great… but is it all absolutely necessary? 

And can you take it all with you wherever you go? 

The question has been begged…  

The short answer… PROBABLY NOT. 

These typical Day Traders are basically stuck at their desk. 

So there probably really is just one way to find out if all that hardware and software is even remotely necessary. 

Enter the E*TRADE mobile app… The Mind’s weapon of choice… for anyone fighting for at least a 3-5% average daily gain. 

With the E*TRADE app no elaborate setup is required… just your phone and the app. The results are just as impressive… if not more so given the fact that the answer is literally in the palm of your hand.

Intrigued so far? 


With a FREE SUBSCRIPTION you can: 

–Have access to the library of 50+ trading training videos for a whole month. The training videos are screen captures of actual paper trades on the app where the conditions are very real. 

–Have access to the day’s screen capture of the day’s paper trade buy/sell execution points. CURRENTLY NO FREE SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED

–Have access to the end of the day’s chart for buy/sell comparison and to see how that particular stock/trade would have performed throughout the day. CURRENTLY NO FREE SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED

–Have access to the ongoing paper trade spreadsheet. It’s a wealth of data and insights from trades that are mostly successful… as well as a few unsuccessful (even unsuccessful trades can be a source of enlightenment… perhaps even more so). CURRENTLY NO FREE SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED

–Have access… MOST IMPORTANTLY… to The STRATEGY for a whole month. The Strategy is a detailed step-by-step thought process of “The Mind beyond The FireWall.” The Strategy alone is worth the price of one month of Mocha Frappuccinos… or maybe several hundred Mocha Frappuccinos… but is currently available with a FREE SUBSCRIPTION

Even if you aren’t a stock market enthusiast and never follow through on your own, it’s just as entertaining as watching the grass grow (or even a soap opera)… but probably more so… as you tune in to see whether or not Rex went ahead and made that 3-5% average daily gain off of Ciara’s public assets.



DISCLAIMER: By subscribing, you agree that you and you alone… if you so choose… are trading at your own risk no matter what the circumstances… whether or not you utilize the material/content on the MindFireWall.com website, and DO NOT hold MindFireWall.com liable for any monetary losses incurred. MindFireWall.com IS NOT DIRECTLY AFFILIATED WITH E*TRADE