Was Dorian Nairod’s method-writing reality or not?

A schizoaffective polymath genius is unsure whether his own reality will lead to The Apocalypse or if the FBI and CIA are keeping tabs on him.





BUZZism: Beyond

John Doe is the creator of a Virtual Reality / Sensory Deprivation (VRSD) chamber, the OmniSyn 2.0, that can facilitate time travel via the internet.

from author mj mopera


BUZZism: Beyond novel video preview



Much like Confucius, BUZZism is a play on words in doling out its own philosophical… let’s say… WISDOM (with fingers crossed). If anything, it will leave one saying “What the hell were you thinking?!!!” as BUZZism asserts itself amongst its readers in a new millennium far removed from the annals of Confucius as it leaves one pondering even more…

from author mj mopera


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